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The engagement on portraying life forms and objects in an authentic way would be a key element of my personal visualization; meanwhile the juxtaposition of traditional and digital mediums is sometimes utilized in my large scale paintings and installation in contemporary methods.

I work with meditated traces of daily life scenes which promotes my creative endeavors of art making. It often seems a prosaic, slow, and ritualistic procedure but eventually accelerates the process of bringing reminiscence and imagination.

In accordance with observational paintings and drawings, I also experience abstract pictures from a specific kind of people, situation, and verses. This sensation serves as contemplation, which liberates me from burdens and discomforts, to bring a focus in my work. The outcome can be often visually hypothetical but conceptually hyperreal.

I understand portraits tell a story and reattach disconnected relationships between people and environments. It efficiently describes how people are situated in their timeline. It is my privilege that I can paint human figures and life on two-dimensional surfaces within the spectrum of contemporary art. But I see that my work slightly breaks the boundaries of the other contemporary artists’ styles because of my unique approach and use of color. It is my character because I am highly influenced by the work of Renaissance, Dutch Golden Age, and Korean culture.

Choi, a citizen of the US, studied fine arts at Carnegie Mellon University, and actively gets involved in art worldwide.   

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